Improving Functional
Safety Assessment

Simple & easy to use AI-based software for automated safety analysis

Faster Analyses

paitron accelerates analyses from months to days by automating ~60% of the task. Accelerate your safety assessment & explore more designs!

Higher Quality

Based on formal methods, nothing is left to chance with paitron. Trusted algorithms and methods allow white-box reasoning. Ensure that you never misjudge a case!

Save More

Detecting design flaws early on, allows for up to 80% cost savings. paitron supports Design-, System- as well as Component-FMEA, and is always by your side!

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No mortal can do 23k checks in 40 minutes


Functional Safety Manager,

paitron saves me three days of copying data from one tool to another for each assessment


Head of Functional Safety Management,
Pepperl+Fuchs SE

With paitron, I can improve the quality of my safety assessments and products.


Functional Safety Engineer,

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modelwise One-pager

modelwiseTM is the first company to develop a mathematically complete solution for accelerated and improved safety assessment - paitron. Manufacturing companies profit from a...

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