We make knowledge applicable

Make simple solutions to complex real-world problems

Our ideals

Our culture

We have an ambitious vision – “Create, don’t just document!”. Intuitive process, eliminating wasted time & money, and improving quality are not only buzz words for us but ideals we live by.

We are ambitious, yet firm-footed on the ground. We motivate, inspire and support ourselves to reach out for the greatest potential possible. At modelwise, customer and employee success and satisfaction are the top two priorities. We are agile and nimble-footed and deliver results. We are modelwise.

Empowering engineers

Every engineer in today's world will confirm that they are burdened with documentation, proofreading, and testing so much that the time actually spent creating, building, envisaging newer things - which they signed up for is low.

We are here to change that & empower them

Enabling safety

We now live in an era of safe automation, yet still have costly manual safety processes for designing - that doesn’t always work. Moreover, customers now expect safe products, and regulators demand them.

We are here to enable it.

Ensuring trust

In safety-critical processes, non-determinism is unacceptable, and to avoid this, we don't use probabilistic methods for safety assessment. We strive to make it possible to have explanations & mathematical proofs for every statement.

We are here to ensure safety & we mean it.

Engender efficiency

Our innovation enables a significant reduction of effort for all supported analyses. What used to take up several person weeks now made shorter to just a few hours of computation.

We are here to provide that efficiency.

Our Philosophy

What drives us?


Highly trained personnel should not waste time on repetitive and cumbersome tasks, like copying data from tool A to tool B. Software support offers efficiency gains and an increased job satisfaction.

Zero Errors

modelwise stands for the highest quality. This is why we assess our software with TÜV Süd to provide proven and tested reliability and trust to our customers.

Our talent

The Founders


Co-founder & CRO


Co-founder & CEO


Co-founder & CTO

The Team

Hadrien Tournaire, PhD

Lead Engineer

Jan Neumann-Mahlkau

Project Engineer

Supriya Shekhawat

Financial Analyst

Utkarsh Tiwari

Machine Learning Engineer

Aravindha Thiagarajan

Product Strategy & Growth Specialist

Huzaifa Bashir

Business Developer

Our Story

Over the Years



modelwise originated from a research group at the Technical University in Munich. Early in the project, Iliya realized the potential of the technology and proposed to found a startup based on the research results. Immediately everyone was on board.



Start of the fulltime work on modelwise. Exist research grant since June, and recognized as Digital Innovation by the German Federal Ministry for Energy and Economics.


Prototype evaluation

The very first prototype of paitron was developed and evaluated in two industrial projects. The proof of concept projects were a success and the software entered the beta-phase.


modelwise GmbH

modelwise expanded its team and paitron. Further analyses methods were added, as well as industry-specific databases and standards. Additional interfaces were implemented and a concept report with the TÜV SÜD was achieved.


modelwise Inc.

Market entry in the process industry according to IEC 61508 in Germany, Japan, and the USA. Investment by UC Berkeley’s accelerator SkyDeck and participation in Intel’s innovation program Ignite to improve safety in the Automotive industry.


What’s happening?