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Welcome to the first edition of our “37 Questions” series, where we get to know the brilliant minds behind Modelwise in a fun and casual way. You might be wondering, why 37? The number 37 is on your mind more than you think. Check out this cool video from Veritasium explaining its significance. Additionally, 37 is an important number for many reasons, as you can see on this website which also happens to collect “37 factoids”. At Modelwise, we chose 37 questions to reflect the uniqueness and intriguing qualities of our team members, just like this fascinating number.

Today, we are excited to feature Dr. Hadrien Tournaire, our X1, a.k.a, the first employee of Modelwise, who has been instrumental in shaping our journey. With a master’s degree from Supméca, Saint-Ouen, France, and a doctorate from Paris-Saclay University, Hadrien’s expertise in modeling and simulation has driven significant advancements in our safety analysis automation.

But there is more to Hadrien than his impressive resume. Let’s dive into our 37 Questions to uncover his inspirations, preferences, and some surprising fun facts!

Fact File: Dr. Hadrien Tournaire
  • Nickname: Hadrien
  • Pronunciation: ad-ri-an
  • From: France
  • Joined Modelwise: May, 2021
  • Current Position: Lead Modeling Engineer
  • Key Achievements: Development of FMEA method & safety analysis automation
  • LinkedIn: Hadrien Tournaire
  • Author page: Hadrien Tournaire
Rapid Fire Q&A

The rules are simple! 37 questions, and Hadrien has to answer with whatever comes to his mind first without overthinking it. Let’s roll!

Aravindha: Hi Hadrien! Thanks for joining the first edition of “Inside Modelwise.” Let’s start with an easy one. What do you do at Modelwise?
Hadrien: My work involves applying safety theoretical concepts through concrete model simulations.

Aravindha: That sounds exciting! What are some of your goals for today?
Hadrien: Today, I’m preparing for a call on how to import components into PSPICE.

Aravindha: Great, keeping busy! What’s at the top of your priority list for this week?
Hadrien: Feeding the failure mode transformation database for the Simulink interface.

Aravindha: How do you like to kick-start your Monday (or any day)?
Hadrien: With a cup of coffee.

Caffeine Kickstart

Aravindha: Ah, a classic choice. Coffee it is. Who were your role models or inspirations while growing up?
Hadrien: My brother.

Aravindha: That’s wonderful. Night in or a night out?
Hadrien: Night in.

Aravindha: Perfect for recharging. What’s a trend you think will continue to thrive?
Hadrien: Artificial intelligence.

Aravindha: I think so too! What TV series have you been binge-watching recently?
Hadrien: The 3 Body Problem.

Aravindha: Oh nice! What is the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned so far?
Hadrien: People who never make mistakes are people who never do anything.

Aravindha: That’s true, right? Any favorite book that has influenced your perspective?
Hadrien: Les Misérables.

(10 questions down! Let’s keep going…)

Aravindha: Tell us something interesting about yourself that most people don’t know.
Hadrien: I used to play Clarinet.
Aravindha: Really? That’s impressive!

Aravindha: Let’s ramp up the speed for the next set of questions, shall we? Podcasts or audiobooks?
Hadrien: Podcasts.

Aravindha: Are you more inclined towards sweet or savory snacks?
Hadrien: Savory snacks.

Aravindha: How would your friends describe your personality in one word?
Hadrien: Fun.

Aravindha: What is your go-to drink?
Hadrien: Whisky.

Aravindha: What achievement are you most proud of in your professional life?
Hadrien: Developing a method for FMEA.

Aravindha: Is there a cause or social issue that holds great significance to you?
Hadrien: Climate change.

Aravindha: What possession do you value the most?
Hadrien: Pictures of the past.

Aravindha: Are you someone who thrives on a routine or prefers spontaneity?
Hadrien: Spontaneity.

Aravindha: What was your first job experience like?
Hadrien: Very good, I met many enriching people.

(20 down, 17 to go! Ready for more?)

Aravindha: Favorite movie genre to relax and unwind?
Hadrien: Science fiction.

Aravindha: Share a movie outside your favorite genre that you enjoyed
Hadrien: Big Fish.

Aravindha: A casual one, what are your go-to pizza toppings?
Hadrien: Chili peppers.

Aravindha: What do you want to be remembered for?
Hadrien: Being honest.

Aravindha: That’s a good one! What did you aspire to be when you were younger?
Hadrien: An inventor.

Aravindha: Switching back to work for this one, what upcoming work-related projects or developments are you most excited about?
Hadrien: FTA analysis method development.

A Glimpse into Hadrien’s World

Aravindha: What is the coolest thing you have ever done?
Hadrien: I sang a song for several hundred people in China and was mistaken for a foreign celebrity.
Aravindha: Ah ha, that must have been quite an experience! (Hadrien nods).

Aravindha: If you could have lunch with a historical figure, who would you choose?
Hadrien: Charles de Gaulle.
Aravindha: Proving you’re French, huh? (Or as Hadrien likes to put it: “En prouvant que vous êtes français, hein?”)

Aravindha: If you had the chance, which artist from any era would you want to attend a concert of?
Hadrien: Stupeflip.

(Here comes the final set of questions…)

Aravindha: What’s the best advice you’ve received that has influenced your professional journey?
Hadrien: If you are stuck on a problem, take your pen and try writing things down.

Aravindha: Who is your favorite film/comic book/fairy tale villain?
Hadrien: Edmond Dantès.
Aravindha: The antihero, heard about him!

Aravindha: Favorite season and why?
Hadrien: Summer: long days, time to go on holidays and visit friends.
Aravindha: That makes the two of us!

Aravindha: Beach destinations or mountain retreats?
Hadrien: Mountain.

Aravindha: How did you get to know about Modelwise?
Hadrien: Totally random, via a job offer found by my wife on a chat group of Chinese people.

Aravindha: Do you consider yourself a night owl, an early bird, or both?
Hadrien: Night owl.

Aravindha: If you had a superhero power, what would it be?
Hadrien: Time-traveling.

Aravindha: The final one, what’s one thing that fascinates you about your job?
Hadrien: The speed and precision we can deliver to our customers, surpassing what manual work could ever achieve is truly fascinating!
Aravindha: That’s incredible! It’s inspiring to hear how your work contributes to Modelwise’s innovative solutions. For our readers interested in learning more about what we do, check out our website.

A Moment of Collaboration

Aravindha: Thanks for sharing, Hadrien! This was fun and insightful.
Hadrien: It was a pleasure! Thanks for having me.

Wrap-Up: Final Words for the First Edition!

Thank you for joining us in getting to know Dr. Hadrien Tournaire. Our “37 Questions” series aims to bring you closer to the people who make Modelwise an innovative, fun, and dynamic place to work. We hope you enjoyed this inside look into Hadrien’s life and work.

Stay tuned for more engaging stories from our incredible team members in the upcoming editions of “37 Questions”. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts, feel free to reach out to Aravindha.

Until next time, keep exploring and stay inspired!




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