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Template-based formalization of safety functions and analyses

In this article, we present a template for gathering & structuring all information required by a human or software to perform a failure-mode-and-effects analysis (FMEA) using formal languages. The practical use of such a template for safety analysis is highlighted through the safety analysis (single point of failure) of a voltage monitor presented in the “ARP4761 recommended practice for aerospace system safety assessment”.

Automatic assessment of an industrial safety-critical system

The HIMax is an industrial safety-critical system of the HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH that contains multiple digital output modules, whose signals are intended for use in a programmable electronic system. In this article, a partial safety analysis of the HIMax is assessed with paitron.

How long will my Arduino project work?

In this article, a failure mode and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) of the power supply module of an Arduino™ UNO Rev3 is presented in order to assess the robustness of its design and estimate its lifetime when being uninterruptedly powered.

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